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Brucks T, Inc. is always on the move to transport your deliverables efficiently and safely.

Who We Are

Brucks T, Inc. is a licensed and premier provider of freight, cargo, and shipping service in Obetz, Ohio. The extensive experience of our logistic experts and professional truck drivers allows us to build trust and loyalty with our clients. We take pride in providing seamless logistics services that ensure every cargo or freight is delivered in a safe, secure, and timely manner.

We help individuals and businesses when it comes to transporting their commodities, from unloading the cargoes from the port, and transferring them into trucks and trains, until the commodities reach the local market or the desired destination. Brucks T, Inc. strictly adheres to state laws and regulations, maintaining integrity, dignity, and professionalism.

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Our Mission Statement

Brucks T, Inc. delivers exceptional logistics services that aim to transport goods safely and efficiently with professionalism, transparency, and integrity. We aim to be your reliable partner who positively influences your business and personal operations.

Our Vision Statement

To become the frontrunner of freight, cargo, and shipping service company in Ohio and beyond that emphasizes smooth, efficient, and unparalleled logistics services.

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